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An ejector is a simple tool that, following a natural principle used every day in various fields (Bernoulli Theorem), allows to draw, mix, transport, compress or divide different types of fluids or powders by means of another fluid called motive.

The principle is easy to understand: a motive fluid is accelerated through a narrowing and, as per Venturi Effect, it creates a depression so as to suck another fluid, mixing, in this way, the two of them.

Ejectors can have various functions. The most common are:

      1.    "Mixer" to mix different products, both liquids or gaseous.
      2.    "Vacuum Generator" with appropriate sizing.
      3.    "Liquid warmer".
      4.    "Pump" to suck fluids from a secondary line and transport them to another spot.
      5.    "Liquid Nebulizer" using compressed air.


Some important fields of use of ejectors are, for example, purification, water treatment, chimical systems, agriculture and industrial dosage. To clarify even more what an ejector is and how it can be practically used we can refer to the two pictures below that show in a simplified scheme an example of mixing.


We want to mix a liquid (blue for convenience) contained in the cylindrical container to the motor liquid (yellow) coming from a net and "closed" by a globe valve. We connect in the system a Vimatic ejector conveniently sized (the net at the entrance and the blue liquid in intake). We open the global valve and...


as per Venturi Effect, the transit of the yellow liquid creates a depression that makes the ejector suck the blue liquid and mix it with the yellow one so as to create a green liquid. This is obviously an example that uses colours to explain, in an easy way, one of the options that the ejector offers in a system. It’s important to understand that each ejector must be sized and custom-made evaluating the flow rate and the pressures (and the back pressure).


To precisely size the ejector, will be necessary to provide accurate information such as pressures, back pressures, flow rate and intake.







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