Pressure Switches

Vimatic's differential pressure switches, popular in various fields, have lately been used in the diesel fuel filtration in vehicles powered by diesel engines. This happens because it has arosen the opportunity to promptly show the driver the substitution of the diesel filter only when it would have reached a certain obstruction level, instead of at a predefined mileage. Therefore here we present the new product line of "Filter obstruction indicators"




    1.    Materials: plastics and metals.
    2.    Scale: the most popular are those in differential pressure (European patent).
    3.    Operation: the highest pressure inlet is normally located just below the thread.
    4.    Variations: there is also a type in which the two pressure inlets (high and low) are inverted compared to the previous one.
    5.    Connections: M14X1,5 thread.
    6.    Gaskets: all made of FPM rubber.
    7.    Identification: the coded colour of the connector identifies the value of the differential pressure.
    8.    Shape: the connector may have various shapes (e.g. angular) for any reason of space.
    9.    Samples: we also produce a product line of sensors operating in depression (compared to the atmospheric pressure.
    10.    Visual Sample: built without electric wires but with visual indication.

    Further special models can be assembled on demand.

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